6 Foods Older Adults Should Eat for a Healthy Brain

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As your parent has gotten older, you may notice that their memory and concentration are not as sharp as they used to be. For some older adults, these symptoms could be the symptoms of a much larger health problem, like Alzheimer’s disease. But for most seniors, their bodies probably are not getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs.Home-Care-in-Hamilton-NJ


With the help of a family member or home care provider, your loved one can include these foods and drinks into their diet in order to keep their cognitive skills sharp.

  • Caffeine: Coffee, tea, chocolate and other foods and drinks with caffeine can actually help seniors think more clearly. This substance can give them the energy buzz they need, but it will not last long. Also, it should be consumed in small amounts because too much can cause your loved one to become jittery, anxious, irritable, and uncomfortable.
  • Sugar: No, this does not mean the elder should load up on sweets and sugary drinks. The type of sugar their body needs is of the natural variety, which includes fruit. The glucose in naturally sweet foods and drinks can help the senior’s body better process carbs and sugar. This can also help the senior maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Breakfast: Some older adults do not have a healthy appetite due to a health condition or side effect of their medication. They may be tempted to skip breakfast, but this is a big mistake. Eating this important meal has been known to improve their short-term memory and concentration. Seniors should try to include fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and high-fiber foods for a healthy meal to start the day.
  • Fish: Fish is considered a brain food because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is used to keep the brain healthy. Consuming plenty of fish each week has also been linked to a reduced risk of dementia, mental decline, and stroke.
  • Dark chocolate and nuts: Not only does dark chocolate contain small amounts of caffeine, but it is also rich in antioxidants. Seeds and nuts also contains the antioxidant vitamin E, which has been linked to improved mental clarity.
  • Avocados: eating plenty of avocados can reduce the elder’s risk of heart disease, while also lowering the “bad” cholesterol. This fruit can also reduce plaque buildup and improve blood flow.


The foods older adults eat can make a huge difference in how healthy their brain is. Encourage them to eat more of these foods I order to keep them mentally and physical healthy.


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Source:  http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/ss/slideshow-brain-foods-that-help-you-concentrate

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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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