Can a Senior can provide the Best Level of Care to another Senior who also Require Care?

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Melissa and Ethel had been friends for many years. Their friendship began before either of them had been married. Now they are in their 80s and up until recently they continued to do many things. Some people commonly joked that they were busier than their adult children. They liked staying active and doing a number things through the church as well as their community.

One day Ethel slipped while walking outside. She stepped on some wet leaves on the pavement and took a hard fall. She didn’t break any bones, but the fall left her in serious pain and discomfort. Melissa and Ethel lived next door to each other in an apartment complex. Melissa took it upon herself to end up being a senior care provider for her best friend.

Melissa wasn’t exactly in the best of health herself. She used a cane on occasion, especially when it was raining because her joints ached at times. She struggled to get up and down the stairs, but for the most part she managed well enough on her own. Neither one of them had even considered the prospect of hiring professional senior care services. It just wasn’t something that they thought much about.

Ethel felt much more comfortable relying on her best friend to come over and help her get out of bed, sometimes get out of a chair, and even make dinner together. Making dinner had been a habit for the two of them and they had been doing it together for a long time. However, Ethel was struggling with her recovery. Over time, she simply stopped taking a shower and reverted to washing with a facecloth at the sink. Melissa didn’t know this for quite some time. However, one day she began to notice a difference in her best friend.

Melissa talked to Ethel about her concerns. It was her hair and even her skin that didn’t look quite as healthy as it usually did. Ethel admitted finally that she wasn’t taking showers anymore because she felt uncomfortable and unsafe doing so.

Melissa knew right then and there that this was more than she could do to help her friend. When a senior is providing any type of care to another elderly individual, it can take a physical and emotional toll on them. It may be best to consider hiring professional senior care services in this type of situation. It’s a noble thing to want to take care of others, but when it puts your health and well-being at risk, it simply might not be worth it.

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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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