Did You Realize You Can Still Enjoy Halloween when Relying on Home Care? Find Out How

Boo! Halloween and Elder Care in Princeton, NJ

Another year and another Halloween is right around the corner. For those who rely on elder care, whether they rely on a home care aide coming to their house once a week for a few hours or a series of home care providers and visiting nurses, Halloween may still be a time of enjoyment for the senior.Elder Care Princeton NJ

Many older individuals enjoy handing out candy to young children in the neighborhood who go trick-or-treating. They get to interact with their neighbors, see the young children in their costumes, and have interaction for one more night of the year.

This year, if the elderly homeowner has any interest in Halloween and handing out candy, the elderly home care provider may be able to encourage him or her to do things differently this year that can per bring even more enjoyment to themselves and the young children.

Getting into costume.

Far too many adults tend to just simply open the door and hand out candy. They may smile and tell the kids how great their costumes look, but who said that Halloween has to be reserved just for younger children or for younger adults going to parties?

If the elderly individual has an interest in getting into costume, find out what they might want to be this year. They might want to be a witch or some culturally significant character from the movies that would bring laughter and enjoyment to children throughout the neighborhood.

Just make sure that the costume is not intensely horrifying, such as a grotesque zombie. There will be young children among trick-or-treaters and they may not be expecting an incredibly scary costume.

Decorate for the occasion.

Adding some decorations around the door and in the foyer where trick-or-treaters will be able to see into the house can provide a good backdrop to show that the homeowner is more than welcoming to these trick-or-treaters.

There are many inexpensive decorations for Halloween, such as spiders that dangle from the doorway, motion activated gimmicks, and even string that looks just like real spider webs. The elder care provider may be able to assist in the decoration, but only if the elderly homeowner is okay with that idea.

Have plenty of candy.

If the elderly homeowner lives on a popular trick-or-treating route, they should have more than enough candy to last the night. The longer they have lived in this neighborhood, the better sense they will have of how many trick-or-treaters they will get this year.

Elder care and Halloween can go hand-in-hand and be a spooktacular holiday for all.

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