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Cancer Nutrition Tips for the Caregiver near Monroe, NJ

When somebody you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, you immediately begin to focus on treatment, prognosis, and other issues. If you agreed to be their caregiver, there are certain things that you should know with regard to nutrition for cancer patients.Caregivers Monroe NJ

When it comes to cancer, eating right is essential, especially when they are going to be going through any type of radiation or chemotherapy. If they don’t get the proper level of nutrition, it will have a negative impact on their overall health as well as their ability to overcome the cancer itself.

Here are some important cancer nutrition tips for the average home care provider, whether it is for a family member who has recently been diagnosed with cancer or for somebody who has hired you to be their caregiver.

Weight loss is not ideal.

Many people commonly associate weight loss with a side effect of having cancer. Others see it as important in the fight against the type of cancer they may have.

Weight loss is not an optimal solution. If you are encouraging somebody to lose a significant amount of weight in their fight against cancer, you should stop doing that and have them consult their doctor. In truth, weight loss can cause a person to become weaker and that can cause their immune system in their body to be less effective in fighting cancer.

Add calories.

The body needs energy for just about any activity that it does. When it is fighting cancer, it needs even more energy. We get energy by consuming calories. It is best to encourage the individual fighting cancer to add more calories by eating more nuts or seeds, vegetables, salads, adding more peanut butter to their diet, choosing mayonnaise instead of salad dressing, and applying melted margarine to foods like toast, vegetables, hot cereals, rice, and soft-boiled eggs.

They should also add more protein.

Eating more fish, nonfat dry milk, and even ice cream can add more protein. Small bits of fresh meat, poultry, and other protein meats are also important, but you want to temper the amount of red meat they add to their diet.

Overcoming nausea.

When a person is going to chemotherapy, they will likely experience a high rate of the nausea. Drinking more liquids, such as water, an hour before and after eating can help the individual avoid vomiting. They should also consider adding high carbohydrate foods like toast and crackers to alleviate the sensation of nausea.

These are some great nutrition tips for the caregiver who is helping a patient overcome cancer.

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