Home Care Tips: Maintaining Control While Being a Distance Caregiver

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Staring a home care arrangement for your elderly loved ones can be a tremendous benefit for you in your role as a distance caregiver. This in home health care services provider can step in and actHome-Care-Plainsboro-NJ as an extension of you within your care plan so you can feel confident that your elderly loved ones and are getting the level of care and assistance that they need and deserve even when you are not available to be in the home with them as much as you would like to be.

While having an in home health care services provider in the home with your aging loved ones is a fantastic way to make sure that they get consistent care, and to feel better knowing that they are in good hands, it can also leave you feeling disconnected and out of control. As the family caregiver for your seniors, you want to make sure that they are getting the best care possible and that you are in control of every aspect of their care management, which can be difficult if you do not live close enough to be at your parents’ house every day, every week, or every month. It is important to put plans into place at the beginning of the care relationship, or to establish them as soon as possible after starting the arrangement, to ensure you maintain control and keep your parents getting the best care.


Use these tips to help you maintain control over your parents’ home care arrangement while being a distance caregiver:

• Meet the care provider. If at all possible, make the trip to your parents’ home to meet with the in home health care services provider. This gives you confidence that you know this person and feel good about her taking care of your parents. Interacting with her in person also establishes you as the manager of your parents’ care so she thinks of you when she is making decisions or has questions;

• Create a plan. Take the time to think out your goals and expectations for your aging loved ones’ care, and then write them down. Make these instructions as clear as possible and type them up, then keep them in a folder or binder so the care provider can reference them throughout the care journey. Make sure this plan contains important information such as allergies, medications, and behavioral issues they may notice;

• Schedule calls. Establish a call-in schedule that allows you to check in with your aging loved ones and their care provider at regular intervals. Use these calls as a chance to make sure that your care goals are being met and that your parents are happy, healthy, and well. Make sure that this call is scheduled for a particular time when the care provider is already on duty so that she does not feel rushed during the talk.

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out about hiring an in home health care services provider who can step in to help you care for your aging loved ones while you are at a distance.

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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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