How to Take a Break from Being a Caregiver

Susan had been a caregiver for her aging mother for a little over a year when she realized she needed a break. Her daily routine involved getting up early in the morning to prepare lunches for her three children, then leaving for her mom’s house to help her get up and have breakfast before finally heading to work for the day. On her lunch breaks, Susan drove to her mother’s house to check on her and make sure she had lunch. She stopped by again after work to make her mom’s dinner before she went home to prepare a meal for her own family. On the weekends, Susan either spent entire days at her mom’s house cleaning, doing laundry, and tending to other household tasks, or she brought her mom home to stay with her for the weekend. Susan rarely ever found time to spend with her friends anymore and had given up most of her hobbies. She was exhausted and there was no doubt she needed help. But, how does a caregiver find help without compromising the care of their loved one? Well, there are several places you can turn for help. Here are just a few ways you can get a break from being a caregiver.

Caregiver in Millstone NJ: Taking a Break
Caregiver in Millstone NJ: Taking a Break

Meal Programs.

One way that you could get a little more time for yourself would be to sign the older adult up for a meal program, like Meals on Wheels. With these types of programs, a volunteer delivers a hot meal to the senior’s house on most days of the week. Not only does the senior get a nutritious meal, but the volunteer is a point of social contact who also ensures the person is safe.

Friends and Family.

Many times, friends and family are willing to assist with caring for an older adult, but they may need to be asked because they don’t want to interfere. It can help to have a list of specific tasks that others can help with, such as going grocery shopping, preparing a meal, or doing a load of laundry. Make a list of people who may be willing to help, then contact them to ask. Some people may say no, but you might be surprised at how many say yes.

Places of Worship.

If your aging family member attends a place of worship, it can be helpful to call their clergy member and ask if they have any volunteers that could help. Some churches offer transportation so that older adults can get to worship services or go grocery shopping. Or, they may have volunteers who will stop in to visit with the person, which could give you an hour or two to yourself.

Home Care.

Home care agencies offer flexible in-home services for older adults who need non-medical care. Home care providers can visit a senior’s home to assist them with household tasks, personal care, meal preparation, and to keep them company.

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