Independence Home Care Caregiver Saves His Client’s Life

KphotoOne of Independence Home Care’s finest caregivers, Kwabena Adubofour, is being honored by IHC for the heroic efforts he displayed while saving his client’s life. Kwabena was with his client on site at her place of residence when she requested to visit the lobby of her building to make a banking transaction. Kwabena escorted his client to the lobby, made sure she had what she need to make the transaction and then walked a short distance away from her to give her privacy when using the machine. When Kwabena turned to check on his client, he saw her lying on the ground, unconscious. Kwabena immediately rushed to her, alerted a bystander to call 911 and started to perform CPR. A few moments later, his client regained consciousness and was immediately taken to an area hospital where she made a full recovery.

Just a few short months ago, Kwabena took a follow-up First Aid course to make sure he is always prepared for any medical situation he may face on a day-to-day situation. “Providing the best possible care for my clients is something I take very seriously. My clients and their families put their trust in my ability to take care of them and I work every moment of every day to make sure this happens. I pride myself on the exceptional care I give to each and every person I care for. I love what I do and I love helping people.”

Kwabena has been working with Independence Home Care for over 2 years. His is a true testament to the level of skill and experience IHC requires of their caregivers. IHC will be honoring Kwabena with an award to recognize his heroic efforts.


Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Owner of Always Responsive Home Care

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