Is Retirement Bad for your Aging Parent?

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Some spend their working years imaging their golden years—life after retirement. To say one can don rose-colored glasses when considering this time of life is probably an understatement. In fact, Elder-Care-in-Millstone-NJstudies agree that retirement can be anything but rosy.


A report from the Institute of Economic Affairs revealed that “retirement can increase the chances of depression and despair by 40 percent.” In 11 countries, 9000 retired adults were surveyed. While the first year after retirement offered some benefits, both emotionally and physically, this affect reversed itself starting the second year with retirement increasing the possibility of developing a physical disorder by 60 percent.


There are several factors that can lead to the mental, emotional and physical decline of retirees. Both have to do with the loss of stimulation and fellowship that the work place provided. Just as the body requires a workout to maintain optimum health, the brain requires a workout for optimum performance. Work stimulates this organ, providing both motivation and challenges. When their social network declines, loneliness may loom ahead causing anticipated excitement and joy to be replaced by apathy and sadness.

How to Make These the Golden Years

Keeping your loved one mentally, physically and socially engaged is crucial to your parent’s well-being. Opportunities in which your parent can try something new are a great way to create excitement as well as keeping the neurons firing. Physical challenges can be as simple as walking, to taking classes in water aerobics and tai chi. Mental challenges include crosswords, puzzles, learning an instrument, experiencing a new language, creating art from a previously unknown media such as pottery, mosaics, or weaving. Social Engagement can be found at the local senior community center, volunteer organizations, a monthly friend and family potluck, and scheduling meals with friends, family and neighbors. Senior care providers offer camaraderie and conversation as well as assisting with the daily activities of living. They can provide transportation and accompany your parent to special events and outings. They can schedule picnics in the park and trips to the museum. They can assist your loved one at the grocery store, create a meal together from a new recipe your parent wanted to try, and then share in the creation. They can help your parent check out all the classes and activities available at the local senior community center that peaks their interest. With a little effort, these years truly can be golden.


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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Owner of Always Responsive Home Care

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