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Elder Care near Allentown, NJ – Can an Elderly Person Learn a New Language?

Learning a new language is a very refreshing and exciting endeavor. Most of us yearn to be able to communicate with people of other languages without a hitch. It is normally a great feeling when you can communicate with ease. This is what makes learning a new language interesting. What we might not know is learning a new language has great benefits for the brain. At any age, a person can learn more about languages and more on how to use them. Let’s have a look at some of the bonus benefits with learning a new language.

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The Benefits of Language Learning

  1. Learning a new language has the ability to increase your brainpower. Studies have revealed the following: elderly people who learn new languages enhance their brain’s capacity to function. This promotes one’s ability to engage issues at a more advanced level.
  2. Acquiring a new language is associated with enhanced multi-tasking. Studies have also revealed seniors who learn new languages have a better ability to handle more things at a time. This means the brain’s capacity to juggle any number of things in one swoop is enhanced.
  3. Prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learning a new language serves a great role in preserving the brain. This in turn promotes the brain’s capacity to reduce the chances of suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Taking time to learn foreign languages primes the brain’s neural pathways and promotes the functioning of the brain.
  4. Learning a new language makes you to be in a better position to travel across the globe. People who are multi-lingual do not have troubles when it comes to meeting new cultures. In essence, these people are versatile and dynamic when it comes to interacting with different cultures. For a senior who is unable to travel, he or she could even converse with local exchange students at universities or seniors of their own age who come from different countries.
  5. New languages enhance your perceptive skills. A study conducted in Spain revealed people who take time to learn new languages are more perceptive when it came to various issues of life. In essence, they became keener and observed when compared to people who had not taken time to learn new languages.
  6. Learning new languages helps you to improve your own native language. People who take time to learn new languages are able to focus on their native language. This happens subconsciously as the brain seeks to establish links and connections between these two languages. In essence, you come out better in terms of communication and overall understanding of different vocabulary.

Learning a new language is an added advantage in many areas. If you have not thought about taking time to learn a new language, this is your moment of choice. You will experience benefits in other areas you had not seen coming.

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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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