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Senior Care in Princeton, NJ – Tips for Foot Care

Many caregivers wonder if Medicare will cover foot care. Basically, you have to be diabetic for your foot care to be covered. It doesn’t, however, include routine foot exams. If your elderly loved one is experiencing foot pain, she should see her doctor. She may need a referral to a podiatrist, or you can check there first.









For diabetics, Medicare will cover the following:

·      A foot exam every 6 months for those who have peripheral neuropathy

·      Inserts or therapeutic shoes if you have a diagnosis of severe foot disease cause by the diabetes. They must be obtained by prescription from a foot doctor. The shoe supplier must have a Medicare supplier number.

How to care for your loved one’s feet

Years of wear and tear on a person’s feet can lead to cracked skin, dryness, rough toenails and other foot problems. Poor circulation also plays a part. Follow these steps to take care of your senior’s feet:

1.     Feet should be washed daily with warm water and a mild soap. Hot water should never be used on elderly skin.

2.     Feet should be dried completely. Make sure to get between all the toes. A soft cloth works best.

3.     Rub lotion into the feet except between the toes. The lotion should be fully absorbed before putting on socks and shoes.

4.     Cotton is a good choice for socks. They need to keep your feet dry and absorb sweat.

5.     Feet should be inspected every day. For those that don’t have someone to inspect the bottoms of the feet, they could use a mirror.

6.     Any problems appearing on the feet should be seen by a doctor. These could include cracks, open bleeding sores, unusual smell, and pus coming from open sores, pale skin, and blue colored skin, streaks of red, tingling or burning. For those who are diabetic, these symptoms indicate a serious situation and must be looked at immediately.

7.     Bunions, fungus, ingrown toenails or other problems should be monitored and treated.

8.     A professional toenail cutting may be required.

When buying shoes for your elderly loved one, keep in mind the following strategies:

·      Shop for shoes later in the day when the feet are their largest. Have their feet measured while standing rather than sitting.

·      There should be no pinching or slipping on the back of the shoe at the heel.

·      Shoes should feel good right away. If they need to be “broken in”, don’t buy them.

·      Make sure your senior loved one tries on the shoes before buying them. That’s the only way to ensure a good fit. Different shoe companies’ sizes fit differently on feet, so it’s not good enough to just go to a store and get the size you think they need.

Senior home services can give your elderly loved one the help and assistance they need to stay comfortably in their own homes to age.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring senior care services in Princeton NJ, or the surrounding areas. Please call Independence Home Care today at (609) 642-4085 for more information .

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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