Multigenerational Senior Care Observances: Child Safety Protection Month

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The growing trend toward multigenerational senior care is allowing more family caregivers than ever to enjoy spending time with their aging parents and meeting all of their needs while also Senior-Care-Plainsboro-NJcaring for their children. This type of arrangement is idea for families that want to foster closer relationships and support the ongoing health and wellbeing of all of the generations of the family, particularly when the seniors are no longer capable of living completely independently.

As with anything else within your senior care plan, it is important to make safety the primary consideration in your multigenerational approach. This November, make sure that your focus on safety is not just about your parents, but also about your children during Child Safety Protection Month. This month long observation is the ideal opportunity for you to evaluate your care efforts for your seniors and make sure that while you adjust your home to keep them safe and ensure they can continue to enjoy the highest quality of life possible as they age in your home, you are also taking steps to keep your children safe as well.


Use these tips to help you keep your children safe in your multigenerational home during Child Safety Protection Month and throughout the rest of the year:

• Monitor food accessibility. Your parents may love to have hard candies or nuts around so that they can snack on them during the day, but if they are prone to keeping bowls of these treats on tables in the living room or even their bedroom, they could put young children at risk. Difficult to chew foods such as these account for a large percentage of childhood choking deaths each year. Make sure your parents know what types of foods are too dangerous for your little ones so that they do not keep them in places that are too easily accessible for your children.

• Know the care providers. If your parents have a senior health care services provider, make sure that your children are familiar with that person and know that she is the only care provider. A child who knows that his grandparents have a care provider may be more likely to open the door without getting your assistance. Introducing them to this care provider ensures the child knows who the care provider is and will not open the door to unauthorized people thinking that they may be involved in your parents’ care.

• Pay attention to accessibility devices. Adding accessibility devices such as chair lifts, elevated platforms, and levers rather than doorknobs can help seniors with arthritis, mobility issues, balance problems, or other physical challenges maintain more of their independence and handle tasks throughout the home more safely and comfortably. They can be tempting for children who want to play with the fun-looking devices, or who are curious about what may be in the cabinets that are now more easily accessible. Make sure that your children understand that they are never to use these accessibility devices and monitor them carefully.


Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about hiring a senior health care services provider to help you create a care plan for your seniors that is effective, compassionate, and safe for all generations within your home.


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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Owner of Always Responsive Home Care

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