Out-of-Bed Alarms That Help You Get Sleep When Caring for Your Mom

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and is starting to wander. Your dad has fallen several times while trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You’re having a hard time sleeping at night because you’re worried something will happen when you’re not there. If you are there, you worry that you’ll sleep through it.

Elder Care in Hamilton NJ: Out of Bed Alarms
Elder Care in Hamilton NJ: Out of Bed Alarms

Out-of-bed alarms provide a solution to your stress. The alarms let you or a caregiver know when your parent is up. These alarms are easy to install and help ease worries that something could happen without anyone knowing until morning. Here are alarms you should consider buying.

Kerr Medical.

Kerr Medical has a motion sensing alarm system that alerts you if your parent gets out of bed. When motion is detected, an alert is sent to the receiver that you or your parent’s caregiver keeps nearby. The alarm can be set to an audible chime or song.

There’s also a bed pad that has a built-in sensor that is placed within six feet. The pad fits the entire mattress and sets off an alarm on the receiver if a person sits up and gets off the bed. You’ll know the second your mom or dad leaves the bed.

Medical Guardian.

Medical Guardian offers multiple services. Your parent wears a sensor that allows them to call the customer support center 24/7. If your mom or dad falls, they can call. There are systems that send an alert if a door opens. You can use that system to get alerted if your mom or dad leaves the bedroom.

There are also activity sensors that allow you to make sure your mom or dad has gotten up in the morning and gone to the bathroom and to the kitchen. With this service, if anything seems wrong, the support center dispatches the proper authority to check on or help your parent.

Safe Wander.

Safe Wander uses small sensors that you attach to your mom or dad’s clothing. When they move, an alarm goes off on your smartphone. You’ll be able to alert a caregiver or go check on your parent. The sensor doesn’t need charging. It uses a battery that powers the sensors for years.

Make sure you get the sleep you need. In addition to an out-of-bed alarm, you should have elder care professionals available to provide respite. These trained caregivers take over while you go out with friends, take a walk, or spend time alone.

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