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Lack of sleep can cause emotional turmoil, physical aches and pains, and the inability to concentrate on any task, but there is now another reason elders accepting in-home care should try to get Senior-Care-Hamilton-NJmore rest. WebMD reported on a research study that discovered people with insomnia were 54 percent more likely to be hospitalized due to a stroke over the course of four years. Although it has been found more frequently in 18 to 34 year olds, the fragile bodies of senior citizens are more prone to health related conditions. This study alone should be enough of a reason for everyone to attempt to get more restful sleep at night, but if this is a problem for the elder in your life, here are some tricks to improving their sleep habits and reducing the risk of getting a stroke.

If your loved one has never tried meditation, now is the time to start. It is a peaceful practice that aids in removing the clutter in their minds and helping them sit quietly and remove the clutter in their brains that is stopping them from sleeping. Meditation takes discipline and practice to do successfully, so make sure your loved one takes their time to try and make the most of this calming exercise.

Avoid Caffeine
This does not mean all caffeine should be avoided, only the caffeine consumed after 2 in the afternoon. Caffeine after this time will still be in your system by the time you are getting ready for bed. For coffee lovers out there, this change is not going to be an easy one, but seniors will begin to see a drastic change in their sleep habits by reducing the amount of caffeine they drink.

Have a Daily Exercise Program
Exercise has not only been linked to increasing metabolism and improving everyone’s overall health, it has also been known to help an insomniac sleep. These physical activities should be done early in the day because the adrenaline rush from these exercises may keep you up at night if done too late in the day. Try to encourage your loved one who is getting elder care to do light exercises for 150 minutes a week. However, if they have a health condition they may become worse by participating in these activities, speak with their doctor or physical therapist to come up with a workout regimen that will help the senior rest more soundly.

Keep Lighting Low
Especially during the summer months when the days are longer, trying to fall asleep when there is still sunlight peeking through the window could be a challenge. Keep all lights off during bedtime and consider using a window curtain that will help prevent sunlight from getting in.

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s lives because it helps our minds and bodies function properly. These tips will help your aging parent, spouse, or loved one sleep better at night.

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