September 24th is National Museum Day

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Museums, from the large ones in big cities to the small local museums all across the country, are an educational resource that is so important in our country.  In a museum, you can be transported to different times and places throughout history and get a small glimpse into a life much different from your own.  September 24th is National Museum Day, a day to recognize the importance of museums and a day to support the work of the museums in your community.  National Museum Day is a great day for seniors to get involved in as visiting a museum can be educational, entertaining, and eye-opening.  If your senior loved one wishes to celebrate National Museum Day, here are just a few of the benefits they can expect from their museum visit:


Learning Something New

Whether your loved one decides to visit an art museum, a history museum, a cultural museum, or something in between, they are certain to discover something new.  Museums are a great place to learn by observing things first hand, which can sometimes be more effective and enlightening then reading about something in a book.  If your loved one makes use of guided tours (with headphones or with a tour guide), they can certainly expect a very educational experience.


Keeping a Museum Alive

Museums need the support of their community if they hope to stay in business.  If your loved one decides to visit a museum, they will be helping to support that museum and keep it going strong.  If your loved one enjoys their trip to the museum, encourage them to make visiting it a regular activity that they can enjoy throughout the year.


Sparking Conversation and Social Interaction

Having meaningful conversations is important for seniors.  It helps them to beat boredom and loneliness and it can help them to keep their brain healthy.  Museums are the perfect place to have meaningful conversations with friends or family members.  Suggest that your loved one go to the museum with a friend.  Afterward, they just may find that they could talk for hours about the thought-provoking artifacts, art, and exhibits that they have seen.


For Finding Inspiration

Visiting a museum just may spark a new interest in your loved one.  Perhaps they used to have a painting hobby that they have abandoned for some time, a visit to an art museum just may inspire them to pick up the paintbrush again.  Or, perhaps they find that they have a newfound interest in a particular historical figure or time period.  Their museum visit may lead them to finding new books to read on the subject.


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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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