Sleep Deprivation – What Caregivers Need to Know

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In your busy caregiver’s schedule, are you allowing enough time for sleep?  When you have so many responsibilities and tasks to complete throughout the day, it can often be hard to get the Caregiver-in-Monroe-NJnecessary 7-9 hours of sleep that adults require.  Maybe you do cleaning and chores during the late hours of the night or maybe you wake up extra early to walk the dog, prepare breakfast, or organize the day’s schedule. In addition, some caregivers may notice that stress, worries, and anxiety can also prevent them from relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep.  While some caregivers may claim that they are “used to” getting a small amount of sleep each night, that doesn’t mean that sleep deprivation is without consequences.  Read on for more information about how the lack of sleep can negatively impact your health and your ability to be a great caregiver as well as some ways you can try to get more sleep each night.


What happens to my mind and body when I am sleep deprived?

When you get too little sleep for too long, you can incur sleep debt, leaving your body craving and demanding more sleep.  When the body and mind are not well-rested, it can lead to a weekend immune system and illness as a result, depression, memory problems, and even an increased perception of pain.  In addition, sleep deprivation can leave you feeling drowsy, which can be very dangerous if you drive a car.  In fact, driving while fatigued or drowsy can be just as dangerous (and sometimes more dangerous) as driving under the influence of alcohol.


How can I get more sleep each night?

When you decide to sleep more each night, you may find that your body will no longer have a “sleep debt”.  You may feel that you have more energy, have less fatigue, and even have a happier mood.  But, changing your routine and consistently getting 7-9 hours of sleep can take changing some habits.  First, take a look at your schedule and see if you can fit in your nighttime chores or activities in earlier in the day or see if you can find someone to help you with these tasks.  In addition, try sticking to regular bedtimes and wake up times and strive to make them consistent each day.


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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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