What Are Some of the Easiest Ways to Help an Elderly Loved One Cope with Constipation?

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When your elderly loved one is dealing with constipation, you might feel helpless to do much for her. The first step is always to talk to your loved one’s doctor. There may be some medical options or recommendations that can resolve the situation completely, so it’s best to start there. After that, some of these ideas might help.Elder-Care-in-East-Windsor-NJ

Take a Quick Walk Together

Even a little bit of exercise can help your loved one’s body to kick back into gear. You always want to check with her doctor to make sure that physical activity is okay for your loved one, but once you do, start adding regular activity. Stay within the bounds of what her doctor recommends for best results.

Hand Her a Glass of Water

This is especially important if your elderly loved one resists drinking as much water as she should. Getting even a little bit more water every day can help your loved one’s body to process what she’s eating much more effectively. If you’re not sure how much water is the right amount for your loved one, make sure that you talk with her doctor about getting enough water. Start drinking a few glasses of water a day together, since you probably could use the extra hydration, too.

Up the Fiber in Her Daily Diet

Fiber is another piece in the puzzle that can be your loved one’s constipation trouble. If your loved one isn’t getting enough fiber, her body can have difficulty processing foods properly. Consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your loved one’s daily diet. She may not be fond of the idea, but if you do this gradually and with tasty recipes, that can help quite a bit.

Consider Going for a Massage

Massage can help your elderly loved one to feel better in general but it also helps to improve circulation everywhere in her body. That’s important because the increased circulation can help even her intestinal tract to have what it needs to get moving again. Regular massage can help your loved one in many more ways, so it’s worth looking into further.

Work with your loved one’s elder care providers to come up with a series of activities that help your elderly loved one to feel her best when she’s battling constipation.

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Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

Teresa Sajkowski RN BSN CHPN

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