Why Does Your Senior Have Balance Problems?

There can be a variety of different reasons that your elderly family member might have trouble with her balance. If you can narrow down the causes, you might be able to correct the problem.

Home Care in Monmouth Junction NJ: Causes of Balance Problems
Home Care in Monmouth Junction NJ: Causes of Balance Problems

Headaches and Migraines.

Headaches and migraines can be so painful that they can affect your senior’s balance. If she has chronic headaches, make sure that you talk with her doctor about what she’s experiencing. Determining the cause can help you to find the right treatment protocol.

Ear Issues.

Ringing in the ears or problems with your senior’s inner ears can contribute heavily to balance issues. The reason for this is that the inner ear transmits data to the brain that it needs in order to determine where she is, spatially speaking. When the brain isn’t getting the data, it doesn’t know where your senior “is” and therefore can’t help her keep her balance.

Hearing Loss.

Likewise, if your senior is experiencing hearing loss, that can impact her balance. Again, the brain relies on cues that it receives from a variety of sources, including her ears, to help her maintain her equilibrium. Take some of those cues away and balance is so much more difficult to hang onto.

Muscle Loss.

Aging can mean that your elderly family member is less active than she used to be, which can greatly contribute to muscle loss. But those muscles are the very ones that help your senior to stand and to keep her balance as she moves. Exercise can help, but make sure that you talk with your senior’s doctor about whether she’s okay to exercise.

Low Blood Pressure.

Just as high blood pressure can be dangerous, so too can low blood pressure. When blood pressure is lower than normal, blood isn’t flowing to the brain and to the extremities as well as it should be. Your elderly family member may need to take her time when she is standing to avoid even bigger issues, like fainting.


When your senior isn’t getting the right level of hydration, this can create other problems for her, like dizziness and loss of balance. Learn to recognize signs of dehydration and help your senior determine an easy way to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Your elderly family member might have balance issues for so many different reasons. Talk with her doctor to get to the root cause in her particular case. Hiring home care providers can help to ensure that even when you can’t be there, your senior has someone with her who can help her maintain her balance.

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